Sonic Returns to Super Smash Bros. Roster

One of Super Smash Bros. Brawl’s two guest characters has been confirmed for Wii U and 3DS’s installment of the Smash Bros. franchise. Today’s Nintendo Direct has unveiled Sonic the Hedgehog from Sega as that character.

Sonic retains his classic appearance that doesn\’t seem very changed from his Brawl incarnation. Assuredly his speed will remain a threat on the battlefield, but will he get necessary buffs to his fighting abilities? In Brawl, Sonic suffers from having lackluster kill options, despite being the fastest character on land in the game and having a good recovery. This remains speculation until we get the game, of course.

On Wii U, Sonic fits right in with the game’s vibrant colors and beautiful locales. Of course, we also get to see glimpses of his own stage (possibly from Lost World?) in at least a couple of the screenshots uploaded to the official Smash Bros. website.

On Miiverse, Masahiro Sakurai’s caption reads, \”A REAL pic of the day. Our guest, Sonic the Hedgehog, joins the battle!\” With this unveil, the trend of releasing information of characters has certainly been all but destroyed. We\’ve seen an increase in returning character announcements over the past month or so, including Luigi, Peach, Toon Link and now Sonic.

Who do you think will be announced next? When will more new characters start to be revealed? We\’ll have to stay tuned.

Dakota Lasky