Sonic Prime toys and costumes are on the way for 2023

Sonic Prime toys costumes Jakks Pacific Sega Disguise Inc partnership Netflix 2022 2023

Game publisher Sega and manufacturer Jakks Pacific are partnering yet again, this time for toys and costumes for the upcoming 2022 animated Netflix series, Sonic Prime. The Sonic Prime toys entail “action figures, playsets, vehicles, plush and other collectibles,” while costumes and costume accessories are coming from Jakks Pacific partner Disguise Inc. All of this Sonic Prime merchandise will come in 2023, so if you end up loving the Netflix series when it arrives this year, try to keep that enthusiasm alive until this stuff hits shelves. No images have been shared of products yet, since no images of the actual show have been shown off either.

“SEGA has done a tremendous job telling the story of Sonic through a multitude of medium forums,” said Jakks Pacific Senior Vice President of Marketing Craig Drobis. “In addition to the high-octane video games they continue to release and the Sonic Movie 2 coming next year, Sonic Prime’s premiere on Netflix in 2022 will keep fans engaged with the property and give JAKKS a whole new Sonic multiverse to explore through toys and costumes. Our customers are not just kids, but also collectors, and this brand consistently hits the mark with retailers and fans year after year.”

Details on Sonic Prime itself are still scant, being a “journey of self-discovery and redemption” and a “race to save the universe” that is targeting “kids, families, and long-time fans.” One quasi-new detail shared today is that the “fate of a strange new metaverse rests in (Sonic’s) gloved hands.” Netflix, Sega of America, WildBrain, and Man of Action Entertainment are working on the 24-episode production.

Stay tuned for more details on Sonic Prime toys and costumes, and check out some other neat stuff Jakks Pacific has done, like the totally rad Giant Eggman Robot Battle Set.

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