Sonic movie trailer is coming tomorrow, according to Fandango

Sonic movie trailer Fandango Sonic the Hedgehog movie

According to Fandango for Latin America, the Sonic the Hedgehog movie is finally getting its new trailer tomorrow. This agrees with a claim from the Latin American voice actor for Sonic, Luisito Comunica, who said last month that a new Sonic movie trailer should be arriving now-ish.

The Sonic movie was originally set to have released a few days ago on Nov. 8, but it was delayed to next year following a decision to redesign the look of Sonic after extremely negative reaction to his original look. News of the delay and decision to redesign was met with great enthusiasm by the Sonic fanbase overall.

Since then, alleged leaks have come out of the new Sonic design. One seemed highly questionable, but a subsequent cutout advertisement appears to corroborate the first leak. These leaks feature a much more familiar Sonic the Hedgehog, with gloves and larger, almost connected eyes. He also lacks some of the freaky musculature and lankiness of the original Sonic movie design.

If this is indeed the new Sonic design, fans have a lot to look forward to in the new trailer. I mean, the story will probably still be forgettable nonsense, but uh… Jim Carrey! Spin dashes! Yeah, focus on that.


John Friscia
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