Pingas: Fan recreates part from the Sonic movie using cartoon series’ style

Sonic movie

The Sonic movie looks like a decent popcorn flick (I haven’t seen it yet but I am intrigued). It has its fans, and it would absolutely crush the Oscars for this year if we only counted theatrical releases. One such fan, a cartoonist that goes by the moniker FlippinDingDong, decided to pay tribute to a scene from the film. The best part? They utilized the animation style from one of the 90s animated cartoon series.

This recreation of a bit from the Sonic movie is jaw-dropping

Check out the animated clip below:

If you have ever watched the weekday Sonic show (not to be confused with the other series that ran on Saturdays), you’ll recognize how good this is. The animation, Robotnik’s voice, the music…it’s all very well done. It reminded me of those early mornings when I would catch the program before heading out to school. Now we just need an additional video from Flippin that references the Sonic Says segments.

Enthusiasts, what do you think of this recreation of an event from the Sonic movie? Do you miss either of the 90s cartoon series featuring Sonic the Hedgehog? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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