Sonic Mania Minus? Sonic Mania gets physical version without Plus DLC

Sonic Mania

Sonic Mania was a beloved return to two-dimensional form for the Blue Blur upon its release in 2017. Over two years later, the game is making the rounds again with a new physical version. However, instead of adding purchase incentives like physical goodies and packed in DLC, Sonic Mania now goes the opposite route by strictly selling the vanilla edition, a direct downgrade from the first physical release.

A pretty significant downgrade from Sonic Mania Plus, this physical package will not include the DLC upgrade’s additional characters, modes, and remixed levels. It is, however, $10 cheaper. If you occupy that narrow cross-section on the Venn diagram of “People who insist on owning Sonic Mania physically” and “People who do not want to spring for the Sonic Mania Plus DLC,” well, then, this was made exactly for you. Otherwise, though, the new physical edition is perplexing, especially with its timing, coming out well after the game has had its time in the sun. It also poses a risk of seriously confusing for people looking to pick up the game, who now have to distinguish between versions that have no visible differences except $10 in price and a small “Plus” written on one of the box arts.

Did you play Sonic Mania? Have you played its Plus upgrade? Is the base game still worth the $20, or should would-be buyers just spring for the whole package? Sound off in the comments with your thoughts on this new package and whether or not the $10 savings are worth losing out on DLC.


Nick Pearson
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