Sonic Mania madness continues with new artwork

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Old school platforming fiends can’t get enough Sonic Mania? To keep the good vibes flowing, the managers over at Sonic the Hedgehog’s Twitter account have posted a pretty fine piece of supplemental artwork. The piece features several popular characters including Sonic, Tales, Knuckles, and… Shadow? We’ll forgive him for his rough output in the early 2000s… it was a rough time for everyone in the Sonic camp if we’re being honest.

The excellent piece comes courtesy Kieran Gates, whom Sonic fans might also recognize for his pencil work in IDW Publishing’s Sonic the Hedgehog comic book, which debuted earlier this year.

The 2017 surprise hit and return to form for the blue bomber received an equally well-received update last month in the form of Sonic Mania Plus. The folks over at Sonic HQ also recently announced Sonic Mania is “the highest-rated Sonic game in 25 years.”

[Source: Twitter]

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