‘Sonic Mania’ Producer Talks Number Of Stages, Emphasis On Nostalgia

Japanese publication Dengeki Online talked to Sonic Team’s Takashi Iizuka about Sonic Mania. While he didn’t give a specific number, Takashi mentioned that the game has the largest amount of 2D Sonic stages ever.

There are the most number of stages in the Classic Sonic series ever.For that reason I want to say, I try not to overwhelm you so much as to keep your enjoyment.”

Then, the producer made sure to note that nostalgic Sonic fans are in for a treat with this title.

I place great emphasis on classic Sonic fans for being pleased. Even when making a new gimmick, it is conscious of not to remove the level design, appearance and series taste. While making it a new stage, I am making it feeling nostalgic.”

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The game speeds onto consoles and PC on August 15.


Aric Sweeny
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