‘Sonic Mania’ director wants to make a 3D game next

Sonic Mania was a revival for the blue blur, marking the franchise’s first critically acclaimed title in years. It was a fun throwback with new additions, but some fans may be wanting a 3D game next.

Sonic Mania director Christian Whitehead recently spoke to Eurogamer about his future in game development. Whitehead mentioned that, while a 3D title is more challenging to develop, he’s still interested in the endeavor.

Speaking of games in general I love 3D. I’ve worked personally with my own tech with 3D, not for Sonic. 3D interests me as a game developer a lot,” said Whitehead. “It presents a whole different world of design challenges. The retro aesthetic, the reason I started doing it chiefly was that when I was younger – it’s a lot easier to develop 2D stuff, because I only had the computer my family had. But to do a 3D game you need a larger team, though personally I’m interested in it. I’m definitely down for it.”

How did you feel about Sonic Mania? Did you pick up the updated version, Sonic Mania Plus? Comment below, let us know!

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