Sonic Lost World – The Mario Galaxy Link

You thought it felt like Mario Galaxy when the trailer was shown at E3, well the game’s producer has stated that Sonic’s latest adventure, a Wii U exclusive, feels like Mario Galaxy in parts.

“With Lost World we wanted to evolve how Sonic works in 3D. When you think about a 3D level, it’s still limited – the sides are limited – so we talked about making levels as cubes or tubes. Expanding the sides around 360 degrees enables players to take many paths, not just two or three. We ended up with a tube stage and realised we were a bit close to Mario Galaxy!”

This quote comes from Sonic series General Producer Takashi Iizuka, and we can understand the sentiment.  Any game that allows you to run completely around a centralised object, whether on its sides or even completely upside down, cannot help but be compared to Mario Galaxy.  Mario Galaxy may not have been the first game to incorporate these sort of gameplay ideas, but it was the first to do it on such a scale and make such a success of it.

If this game can launch with the same level of quality that Mario Galaxy had, we are about to receive the best Sonic game in recent times.  I don\’t think I myself have encountered such hype for a Sonic game in my memory.

Mark Loughlin