Sonic fans are working to revive one of the ’90s cartoons

Sonic SatAM

If you were a kid in the ’90s, you may recall waking up on Saturday mornings to catch the latest episode of Sonic the Hedgehog on TV. Affectionately dubbed Sonic SatAM, the show was relatively short-lived, lasting only two seasons. However, a group of fans from the site “Fans United for SatAM” have been working to revive the series and give it the third season fans have been longing for.

Sonic SatAM features Sonic (voiced by none other than Jaleel White) and friends as they band together to regain control of the Kingdom of Mobotropolis from Dr. Robotnik. Though it’s been about 25 years since the original aired, the goal of Fans United for SatAM is not to reboot the series. Rather, they’re developing a third season (codenamed Sea3on Animated) which picks up right where the series ended. Speaking with Nintendo Life, the project’s creative director Paul Scott said:

The series was cancelled 25 years ago but we have been working diligently to revive this epic show, staying faithful to the original 3rd season notes from the original staff, and give it the closure that fans have been long waiting for. Our group (Team Sea3on) has been involved in this project for several years.

Paul Scott

According to the production team’s Patreon page, Episode 1 is wrapping up pre-production, though 11 more are written. The team has even recruited the show’s original composer and are following Season 3 notes left by Sonic SatAM‘s head writer, Ben Hurst.

The team is aiming for a big budget production much like what “you’d see on Cartoon Network or Netflix.” You can check out a teaser above, though the team notes that this was created in-house and will not represent the quality of the final work. If you’re interested in following the project, you can do so via their Patreon.


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