Sonic Colors: Ultimate vinyl soundtrack up for preorder at iam8bit

Sonic Colors: Ultimate 2XLP vinyl soundtrack

Sonic Colors: Ultimate is here, and even though some players are experiencing some unfortunate bugs on Nintendo Switch, it’s still an overall great remaster of one of the more popular entries. If you’d like to keep the good times rolling with Sonic, then you may want to preorder the Sonic Colors: Ultimate 2XLP vinyl soundtrack at iam8bit, which retails for $39.99. A Sprite Trail Splatter limited edition has already sold out, but you can still grab the standard edition, which comes printed on “random sprite-colored vinyl” of orange, green, blue, or purple. The Sonic Colors: Ultimate 2XLP vinyl soundtrack contains music remixed by Tomoya Ohtani, Jun Senoue, Hideaki Kobayashi, and Kenichi Tokoi and album art by Matt Stevens, and it is projected to ship in Q2 2022.

Sonic Colors: Ultimate vinyl soundtrack track listing

[Side A]

Reach for the Stars (Re-Colors)

Tropical Resort – Act 1 (Remix)

Tropical Resort – Act 2 (Remix)

Aquarium Park – Act 1 (Remix)

Aquarium Park – Act 2 (Remix)

[Side B]

Sweet Mountain – Act 1 (Remix)

Sweet Mountain – Act 2 (Remix)

Planet Wisp – Act 1 (Remix)

Planet Wisp – Act 2 (Remix)

Planet Wisp – Act 3 (Remix)

[Side C]

Theme of Sonic Colors (Original ver.)

Starlight Carnival – Act 1 (Remix)

Starlight Carnival – Act 2 (Remix)

Asteroid Coaster – Act 1 (Remix)

Asteroid Coaster – Act 2 (Remix)

[Side D]

Terminal Velocity – Act 1 (Remix)

vs. Rotatatron & Refreshinator (Remix)

vs. Captain Jelly & Admiral Jelly (Remix)

vs. Orcan & Skullian (Remix)

vs. Nega-Wisp Armor – Phase 2 (Remix)

Speak With Your Heart (Rainbow Mix)

This vinyl soundtrack sounds like a great time — except that our reviewer specifically said he didn’t like the remastered soundtrack included in Sonic Colors: Ultimate. So, ya know, maybe make sure you like the game’s music before you buy it.

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