Sonic Colors: Ultimate to include a new ‘Tails Save’ gameplay mechanic

Sonic Colors: Ultimate Tails Save

Sonic Colors: Ultimate was announced during the recent Sonic Central presentation, and details about the upgraded Wii port are pretty scarce. However, this week’s Famitsu has revealed a new gameplay mechanic for Sonic Colors: Ultimate called “Tails Save” in Japanese. Although Tails will not be playable in Sonic Colors: Ultimate, he will appear in stages once you collect his medallion item. Doing so will allow Tails to save Sonic if he falls off the stage and place him back on a nearby platform. It’s similar to Lakitu’s role in the Mario Kart series and will come in handy if you decide to go too fast.

Famitsu Tails Save Sonic Colors Ultimate

Sonic Colors: Ultimate will also include a new Jade Ghost Wisp that was introduced in 2019’s Team Sonic Racing. The Jade Wisp will allow Sonic to pass through walls and levitate, which will come in handy to reach specific locations on a stage.

Obviously, the main attraction of this HD version is the quality of the visuals. Even on the Wii, Sonic Colors was beautiful and vibrant. The jump to HD will surely emphasize the creativity of the game’s level design, and in-game movies have apparently made the jump to HD as well. I’m excited to dive back in when Sonic Colors: Ultimate launches on Sept. 7, and hopefully Sega will announce Tails as a playable character too.

Are you excited for Sonic Colors: Ultimate and Tails Save?


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