Sonic Colors: Ultimate Switch version trailer drops mention of 60 FPS

Sonic Colors: Ultimate Nintendo Switch trailer removes 60 FPS 4K resolution, probably has 30 FPS from Sega

Last week, Sega released a Sonic Colors: Ultimate HD Updates Spotlight trailer that detailed all the additions and improvements coming in this upgraded version of the 2010 platformer. One of those improvements was “60 FPS, re-vamped lighting, improved graphics and 4K resolution.” Understandably, Sonic Colors: Ultimate will not run in 4K on Nintendo Switch because the platform does not support it, but there was an expectation the game would run at 60 FPS. However, Nintendo has now released its own version of that Sonic Colors: Ultimate trailer that removes mention of 60 FPS, suggesting the game will only run at 30 FPS on Switch.

Specifically, the Nintendo version of the trailer only promises “re-vamped lighting and improved graphics.” In the grand scheme of things, if the game is missing 60 FPS on Switch but still has everything else, including races with Metal Sonic, the power of the Jade Ghost, and the safety of Tales Save, then this isn’t such a big loss. There’s a solid contingent of players who don’t notice frame rate in the first place anyway. Still, this would be a disappointment for some.

If the Nintendo trailer isn’t some weird fluke and Sonic Colors: Ultimate really does lack 60 FPS on Switch, how do you feel about that? Are you okay with going fast in slightly blurrier fashion?


John Friscia
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