Sonic Colors: Ultimate glitches on Switch are creating horrific nightmares

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Sonic Colors: Ultimate is seeping out into the wild on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, but Switch version players in particular are reporting and sharing a wide variety of bugs / glitches, some of which are creating incomprehensible nightmare worlds. The most extreme ones involve maddening flashing colors and come with a seizure risk, such as these two below below:

Other Sonic Colors: Ultimate glitches are more visually mundane but still pretty remarkable (in a bad way), such as Sonic suddenly being able to walk in three dimensions in a 2D gameplay area, resulting in him walking off the playable area and plummeting to his demise. And then there are just glitches with the Jade Ghost Wisp, again resulting in plummeting dead Sonic. In any case, there are several tragically amusing examples to enjoy on social media.

Despite the variety of examples of glitches on display here, it is possible that these are amusing outliers and not reflective of a typical Switch play session of Sonic Colors: Ultimate. After all, gameplay clips of the game running like this are bound to attract much more attention than those of the game running well. Still, you may want to wait for some patches if you had planned to play the game on Switch.

As it is, port developer Blind Squirrel Games has already promised to patch the game to give credit for using the open-source Godot Engine for Ultimate‘s development, which it accidentally neglected to credit.


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