Open your heart: A rumor suggests a Sonic Adventure project may be on the way, remake a possibility

Sonic Adventure project

Let’s face it: Sonic hasn’t been in a truly great video game in quite some time (Sonic Mania, notwithstanding). If you don’t count the mostly fanmade Mania, many Blue Blur fans will state Sonic Adventure was the last good title featuring the hedgehog. What better way to hit players with nostalgia than a remake, then? An anonymous email may lend credence to this Sonic Adventure project, though all the information contained within should be taken with the largest grain of salt.

What could this mystery Sonic Adventure project be?!

According to a message obtained by the website TSSZ, a Sonic fan was recently at a live rehearsal of the main theme from Sonic Adventure, “Open Your Heart.” They provided the publication with some audio files, stating:

This is a live rehearsal recording with Mr. Ezio Sakamoto in Tokyo for a concert about a big Sonic Adventure event late this year I created using a recorder. I managed to record, but I don’t know the details. [….] The idea was to recreate a live Sonic Adventure “Open Your Heart” demo live for old feel at the event. There was a new rendering of Sonic and his friends in the studio. Maybe Sonic Adventure port. Some notes about the recording, Mr. Ezio Sakamoto has problem with the lyrics, and his voice has too much delay and reverb, the drummer played some parts improvised with new fills, and the band had technical problems while introducing the song. Johnny Gioeli track was reference in background. Second file is adjusting audio gain. Sorry for bad english, used translation tool.

How curious.

Of course, new renders of the Sonic Adventure cast could mean anything. Worst case scenario, they were just fancy backdrops for the recording. Mid case, they may mean a port is incoming. Best case, the entire game is being remade from the ground up. The Dreamcast launch title has not aged well, so redoing Sonic Adventure would delight both old and new fans alike. Remember: the head of Team Sonic himself, Takashi Iizuka, would love to see the title updated.

Enthusiasts, this is just a rumor. If it’s legit, though, are you excited? What do you think a potential Sonic Adventure project could be? Let us know below!

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