Hedgehog mystery: SEGA announces the “Sonic 2020” initiative

Sonic the Hedgehog 2020

SEGA has some interesting stuff lined up for Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is going to get a port with Knuckles, Sonic Adventure might get remade, and the Blue Blur’s motion picture will be fun for all ages. But what about a new video game? While there has been no definitive information on that front, SEGA did announce a “Sonic 2020” initiative today. Every 20th of every month, the company will share news about all things Sonic, so perhaps this will be our way of finding out that potential bombshell?

This “Sonic 2020” initiative has endless possibilities

The project started today with the announcement of its existence. SEGA will give monthly updates, but what each will be is shrouded in mystery. They can pertain to one proposal or several. Hopefully, Sonic’s parent will provide something more substantive next month to get fans buzzing.

There is already a website for the enterprise. Also, SEGA has released some 2020 memorabilia, some of which include wallpapers and character icons. You KNOW you want to download the Big the Cat one.

Sonic 2020

Enthusiasts, do you think the “Sonic 2020” initiative will lead to a new title in the franchise? Would you rather get a new 3D adventure or a fan-developed sequel to Sonic Mania? Let us know your preference by leaving a comment below!

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