Someone made a first-person maze adventure in Super Mario Maker 2!

Super Mario Maker 2 first-person 3D maze ghost adventure

As I noted in my Super Mario Maker 2 review, we can do a lot with this game. We’re mostly only limited by our own creativity, and when there are millions of players, that’s not much of a limit. One of the best examples of this so far is this “3D Maze House” level, ID P59-698-55G. Using the game’s platformer mechanics, it allows you to travel first-person through a haunted maze, as if you’re playing Shadowgate or something. There’s even a “map” under the first-person viewpoint. It’s so wild to behold!

As you can see, the level itself is not stupendously difficult, but who the heck cares? This is the most novel use of Super Mario Maker 2 I’ve seen so far, and it’s generally one of the most creative achievements I’ve seen in a game of this type. The way the level creator skews the graphics to create an illusion of depth — it’s brilliant!

Id cofounder Tom Hall was the first to make the public aware of this gem of a level.

Super Mario Maker 2 has been enjoying a highly positive reception, selling over 2 million copies in its first three days on the market, and over 4 million courses have been uploaded. Granted, there are bugs here and there that Nintendo has to address, but that’s true of any game these days. Some of the glitches can be amusing at least.

How have you been enjoying Super Mario Maker 2? Let us know if you’ve made anything especially creative yourself!


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