SolSeraph is Sega and Ace Team’s effort to recreate ActRaiser

SolSeraph is like ActRaiser, but Sega and Team Ace

ActRaiser was such a unique little title when it launched on Super Nintendo. It was a standard sidescrolling action platformer half the time. And the other half it was a simulation game, where you literally played God and helped cultivate a society. Now, Sega and Ace Team are whipping up SolSeraph, a new game that precisely replicates the ActRaiser formula. And even better? It releases July 22 for only $14.99!

In SolSeraph, you play as “Helios, Knight of Dawn, the child of god and man,” and he’s going to bring salvation with his sword, shield, and bow. But when you’re not doing that, you are strategically helping society grow in top-down segments:

Protect the Homeland – Help each tribe determine how to shape their village by utilizing a range of different units, from houses and farms to support the growing population, to building warrior barracks and archer towers to defend themselves against the waves of monster attacks.

To seal the deal, the opening theme to SolSeraph was composed by the ActRaiser composer, Yuzo Koshiro. This game will be a dream come true for some. SolSeraph will release for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC next month.

Incidentally, this isn’t the only upcoming game inspired by ActRaiser. Our recent interview with developer Edelweiss for the game Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin revealed that their game is also inspired by this SNES classic.

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