Sol Cresta, an upcoming PlatinumGames shmup, is getting an arcade cabinet

Sol Cresta

PlatinumGames recently hosted a Super Summer Festival livestream, during which famed studio leader Hideki Kamiya unveiled a full-on arcade cabinet for the publisher’s upcoming shoot ’em up game, Sol Cresta, a sequel to Moon Cresta and Terra Cresta.

According to Kamiya, the cabinet will appear at next week’s BitSummit event in Kyoto, at which point attending game developers and media members will be able to experience the cabinet firsthand. Platinum hopes to present the Sol Cresta arcade cabinet at many other events in the future, potentially even making the cabinets more widely available for fans to play on in the post-pandemic period.

Additionally, Kamiya showed off some new footage of Sol Cresta in action, which you can see in the video below (and, if you want to see the cabinet, jump to about 1:47:00).

This arcade cabinet, while cool, will likely not be playable for the vast majority of Platinum fans any time soon. In the meantime, however, we can still look forward to seeing Sol Cresta on Switch in the near future. As of now, the game is still targeting a 2021 release date on Nintendo Switch. Still, I really hope to see this arcade cabinet get a more widespread run. Shoot ’em ups shine best at the arcade, and I’m sure Platinum’s upcoming title will be no exception.


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