Software and System Updates, Wii Remote Plus Designs Round Out Headlines

On the less exciting spectrum of today’s news, a few details concerning updates and Wii controller designs joined the wave of major headlines from today’s Nintendo Direct. These details concern only console owners, specifically those with Wii Us.

Pikmin 3 owners: if your Wii U is connected to the internet, you\’ll have access to a new update that improves the Global Ranking features that display Mission Mode high scores. Furthermore, a new add-on mission stage will be free to download while being succeeded by a new \”Collect Treasure\” stage pack that will be available for purchase the Nintendo eShop. More mission packs will then launch on the eShop in the future.

Many Wii U players may have also noticed a new system update available for the console (this news wasn\’t exclusive to the Nintendo Direct). Indeed, a W/ii U system update can now be downloaded, offering performance enhancements, an option to automatically received recommended software and demos, Internet browser improvements, the ability to play Wii games on the Gamepad, and much more

Finally, new Wii Remote Plus designs will launch on November 8th, featuring Mario-themed and Luigi-themed designs.

Dakota Lasky