SnowRunner officially revealed for Switch, coming in May

Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive are letting Switch fans return to the wildlands of America and Russia in SnowRunner, the sequel to the hit off-road sim MudRunner. After a random listing for a Switch port popped up a few weeks ago, the studio has finally broken its silence and confirmed a May 18 release for the sim. Not only that, but Saber has also shown off the first screenshots from the Switch version:

Taking a good look at the screenshots on a monitor reveals that the visual fidelity has taken a noticeable (but understandable) hit. Textures are not as crisp, the resolution is lower and the advanced lighting effects have been pared back a bit. Even so, SnowRunner still looks remarkably well considering the Switch’s limited horsepower compared to the other platforms. This sim is rather taxing even on the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X due to its open maps that are covered with dense foliage and objects, along with the advanced physics system running under the hood. But, someway, somehow, it looks as though Saber Interactive has used the same tech mastery that it did with the equally impressive port of MudRunner.

Despite the technical limitations, SnowRunner on Switch will include “the same content” as the other versions of the game. The same was true for its predecessor, so this is now a surprise. SnowRunner recently got its third expansion on other platforms in the last few weeks, so as indicated by that quote from Saber Interactive, it’s likely that all three of these expansions will be released alongside the Switch edition. It’s unclear if it will all come as one package or sold separately, however.

Back to the backwoods

For the uninitiated, SnowRunner is a heavy-duty off-road simulation title that focuses on braving the harsh terrain of famous wildlands in the USA and Russia. Players control a variety of trucks both large and small to explore the dense areas and complete various small tasks like time trials and larger missions like hauling heavy loads across long distances. SnowRunner builds upon its predecessor with a larger variety of vehicles from licensed manufacturers like Chevrolet, Kenmore, and International, just to name a few. These vehicles can be bought and sold, customized and upgraded. Completing missions will earn you money and XP needed to progressively unlock better upgrades and vehicles.

Considering that this series prides itself on very lengthy play sessions and dozens upon dozens of hours of content, having SnowRunner on the go thanks to the Switch’s portability will provide even more opportunities to make steady progress with completing tasks. While it’s certainly taken a while (over a year) for the sim to finally make it over, it’s great to see that Saber Interactive didn’t forget the Switch after all. This also seems to indicate that the similarly late port of MudRunner performed well enough sales-wise to justify bringing SnowRunner over.

Speaking of which, you can have a look at how MudRunner played on Switch with our video review below, or read the full written version. 

A.K Rahming
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