SNES PlayStation prototype may be headed to auction

Sony SNES PlayStation prototype auction

Four years ago, we reported on a genuine SNES PlayStation prototype that appeared completely outta freakin’ nowhere. It is owned by a man named Terry Diebold and is thought to be the only unit in existence that isn’t owned and locked away by Sony, and it was “discovered” by Diebold’s son in a box of junk. And now this holy grail of game memorabilia might be going up for auction.

Cedric Biscay has announced on Twitter Diebold’s intention to sell the SNES PlayStation, and we can only imagine it will sell for an astronomical amount of money as far as gaming memorabilia goes.

For those not in the know, back in 1991, Nintendo and Sony entered into a partnership for Sony to produce a disc-based add-on console for the Super Nintendo, which would be sold separately or sold as an altogether hybrid console called… PlayStation. Sony even officially announced the deal at the 1991 Consumer Electronics Show, only for Nintendo to literally betray them by announcing a CD gaming partnership with rival Philips the very next day. This would result in the ill-fated Philips CD-i, and more importantly, it would (long story short) inspire Sony to get revenge on Nintendo by entering the game market all by itself.

Yeah, this SNES PlayStation is going to sell for so much money if it actually gets to auction, particularly since we know it functions. I’m excited already just thinking about it.


John Friscia
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