SNES controller for Nintendo Switch Online back in stock at Nintendo

Super Nintendo Entertainment System Controller (SNES controller) is in stock at the United States Nintendo Store for Nintendo Switch Online

Have you been playing Donkey Kong Country 2 and Mario’s Super Picross until you’re delirious on Nintendo Switch Online, but you’ve been stuck doing it with a controller that was designed this century? Well, no more of that! The glorious Switch SNES controller is back in stock (for now, at least) at the Nintendo Store for the United States. The stipulation, like before, is that you must be a paying Nintendo Switch Online subscriber to be able to purchase the SNES controller, which costs $29.99. There is a limit of four controllers per Nintendo Account as well.

The officially named “Super Nintendo Entertainment System Controller” comes with a USB cable (for charging purposes) and comes in that nice, clean red box. Otherwise, it’s a wireless controller that will let you live life to the fullest while you’re playing Breath of Fire II. But then again, maybe you just have your hands full dying and thriving in Super Mario Bros. 35 right now.

The NES and SNES Nintendo Switch Online library has grown steadily over time, and while it has become an appreciable collection — there are still so many glaring omissions, like of EarthBound and Final Fantasy. We can only hope that changes eventually.

Let us know if you’ll be perusing the United States Nintendo Store today for a new SNES controller.


John Friscia
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