SNES Classic Edition Design May Hint Longer Cables And Wireless Controllers

We have recently covered the news that Nintendo is releasing the SNES Classic Edition, a new mini console that will hopefully have more stock than its previous iteration.

While the design of the console has the same concept as the Mini NES, there is a difference that can be found between the NES and the SNES ‘Classic Editions’:

Instead of using the same port that was shared with the WiiMote, the SNES Classic Edition is shown with a small port similar to the one used with the original console. This could mean that the cords for both controllers included may be longer than the incredibly short ones that the NES Classic had.

Shared previously by a Reddit user, the protocol that was used for the NES Classic controllers is not designed for long distances, thus the reason why the cord length was so short, like the Wii controller cables.

Nintendo’s official site  confirms the possibility of using a Classic Controller or Classic Controller Pro, but unlike the Mini NES, you can’t use the bundled SNES-style controllers with the Wii or Wii U.

This indicates SNES Classic Edition could be bundled with either an adapter or even use a wireless connection for the WiiMote.

Eric Weichhart
When it comes to gaming, I don't choose a side nor the budget, but how much fun I will get from playing.