SMT5 Hydra boss guide: How to beat the Tokyo Tower boss

SMT5 Hydra boss fight guide how to beat Hydra at Tokyo Tower Shin Megami Tensei V

In Shin Megami Tensei V (SMT5), Hydra at Tokyo Tower is the first major boss fight of the game, and this guide will teach you how to beat Hydra. Frankly, no one could blame you for seeking help on this boss, especially if you’re new to the franchise, but the game actually provides all the tools you need to beat Hydra within your first couple tries. For instance, the game warns you in advance that it breathes fire and uses poison, which itself provides a lot of clues. So let’s dive into this¬†SMT5 boss fight guide for how to defeat Hydra at Tokyo Tower, covering its stats, skills, weakness, resistance, and immunity.

Guide: How to beat the SMT5 Hydra boss at Tokyo Tower

SMT5 Hydra Stats
Strength 21
Vitality 16
Magic 15
Agility 7
Luck 12
Frenzy +3 Medium Physical attack to all foes
Toxic Breath (Unique) Medium Dark attack to all foes. Chance of inflicting Poison.
Fire Breath +3 Weak 2-5 Fire attacks to random foes.
Weakness Ice
Immune Fire

Hydra is weak to ice and immune to fire and poison, and it loves to use physical, fire, and dark (with poison effect) skills. As such, you need to prioritize ice skills and defense against fire and dark skills. For the latter, the demon Daemon is utterly essential, because he is resistant to fire and immune to dark skills. Hydra’s turn will end immediately if its Toxic Breath is blocked by Daemon. Likewise, in the World of Shadows, you should apply the Daemon Essence affinity to your Nahobino so that he too is strong against fire and immune to dark skills.

However, in discussing how to beat the Hydra boss in SMT5, defense is not enough. You need ice skills, and frankly, Bufu by itself might not be enough either. Mermaid and its unique Stormcaller Song +3 skill provide the most powerful offense against Hydra. Mermaid can be fused at level 12 with Kodama and Preta, among other possible combinations. However, Mermaid is herself weak to fire, so you’re frankly gambling a little by using her to fight Hydra. In your travels, if you explored thoroughly, you may have discovered Mermaid Essence, which¬†looks like it can teach Nahobino or another Demon the Stormcaller Song skill, but it actually can’t because it’s strictly unique to Mermaid. Thus, I believe it’s worth the risk to use Mermaid directly in the battle.

SMT5 Hydra boss fight guide how to beat Tokyo Tower boss Hydra stats skills strength weakness resistance immune immunity Shin Megami Tensei V

It’s the recommendation of this guide that you enter the SMT5 Hydra boss fight with a full Magatsuhi gauge, and you should activate Omagatoki for guaranteed criticals on the first turn, followed by unloading with Bufu and Stormcaller Song. Then start trading off between healing and attacking as necessary, (Angel’s unique Humble Blessing +2 is fantastic to heal the whole party.) or if you have buffs/debuffs available, you may want to use them. At the start of the fight, Hydra will do regular attacks with some frequency, whereas later in the fight (after shedding some limbs) it seems to use Frenzy a lot. With regular healing and some luck, you should withstand these attacks. But when Hydra prepares to use its own Omagatoki, you should have the team defend, because critical Frenzy will get nasty fast.

Even using all of the tips in this SMT5 boss guide, beating Hydra at Tokyo Tower won’t necessarily be easy. You may run low on MP, for example. However, if you stick it out, you’re bound to come out on top. And then more of the Tokyo experience in Shin Megami Tensei V will reveal itself! Check back here for more Shin Megami Tensei V boss guides and other guides:

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