Smelter combines ActRaiser and Mega Man on Switch this month

Smelter X PLUS Dangen Entertainment release date April 22, 2021 Nintendo Switch ActRaiser Mega Man

Publisher Dangen Entertainment and developer X PLUS have announced that Smelter is coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC with a release date of April 22, 2021 and price of $19.99. Smelter combines the “shooting-infused” top-down real-time strategy gameplay of SNES’s ActRaiser with the sidescrolling action gameplay of Mega Man, which sounds like the greatest thing in the world to me. The strategy segments even play out on worlds tilted to mimic the style of images produced by Mode 7 on SNES.

The premise of the game is that Eve is on a quest to find someone named Adam, and she fuses with a “mysterious being” named Smelter and agrees to help Smelter “expand his empire” while they search. Gameplay will alternate between the ActRaiser-like strategy segments and the sidescrolling Mega Man-ish segments, with some cinematics and a “wacky narrative” thrown in. During the strategy segments, Smelter can fly around to shoot enemies and obstacles or command troops to “expand territory, build structures, and unleash attack units.” Tutorials will be offered to help players digest it.

And during the action segments, you will be jumping, dashing, wall grabbing, and inflicting melee attacks, and there is an elemental skill tree system to unleash a variety of special abilities. Like in Mega Man, unlocking new abilities can allow you to reach new areas in existing levels. Additionally, there will be different secret “Trial” stages where you are rewarded if you can beat short stages with stipulations like “Time Trial, Don’t Get Hit, Don’t Be Seen, and more.”

As if to drive home how influenced X PLUS is by the classics, original Mega Man composer Manami Matsumae is even offering the main themes to Smelter, while Evader is doing the rest of the soundtrack.

What do you think of Smelter on Nintendo Switch? Are you stoked like I am?

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