Smash Ultimate mod removes everything to do with Fire Emblem

There’s no denying that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has a lot of Fire Emblem representation. Many fans of the popular fighting game were disappointed when Masahiro Sakurai announced Byleth as a fighter last year. Sakurai himself has admitted that it isn’t his decision whether or not another swordfighter is added to the game. However, if you are totally against the idea of having Fire Emblem stuff in Smash Ultimate, then this mod might be for you. A modder by the name of Akrenix has created a mod called “No More Fire Emblem!,” which removes everything to do with the tactical RPG series. This includes characters, stages, and any other content to do with the franchise.

Fire Emblem is tied for second place with Pokémon in terms of Smash Ultimate representation, as there are eight characters from both franchises in the game. However, Super Mario takes the lead with a total of nine characters. Although it is probably best not to tamper with your Nintendo Switch, the very concept of this mod is quite hilarious. Fire Emblem has become a long-running joke in the Smash community, with Byleth’s reveal spawning a variety of Fighters Pass-related memes. There was even a moment where someone created a fake version of it, with a Fire Emblem horse of all things being featured as a fighter. However, this one that I have included below is my favorite.

Smash Ultimate Fire Emblem
Fake Fighters pass creation, courtesy of @peggdraws

Despite there being a lot of Fire Emblem representation in Smash Ultimate, there are still tons of characters, with a few more still on their way. What do you think of this bizarre mod?


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