Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC – 5 potential characters

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is finally out and DLC characters are already getting unveiled. With this comes the vast potential for wacky new fighters, especially following Joker from Persona 5’s reveal at The Game Awards. With writers at Nintendo Enthusiast desiring such a variety of characters, we’ve gone ahead and compiled a short list of Smash Bros. hopefuls. Here are the first five.

Disclaimer: There are no real criteria for a fighter being on the list. A writer may see great potential with regard to their design, moveset, stage, or any combination of the three. With that said, some may be realistic choices, while some may be pie in the sky picks.


Nick Pearson – Paper Mario

Paper Mario is divisive at best nowadays, and while I jumped off the train after Sticker Star, I still am clamoring for Paper Mario to join Smash Bros. Ultimate as a DLC fighter. We might not necessarily need a third Mario variant, but Paper Mario has the potential for his own unique moveset and abilities. His hammer would make for a great Smash Attack, and his boots–ripe for cracking papery enemy skulls–could be incorporated as a down B. For a Final Smash, he could pull some massive paper shenanigans and crumple up another player, or perhaps he could summon some of his famous allies for a special attack. Paper Mario would fit right in with the Smash roster. That, and it’d be nice for poor Mr. Game and Watch if he wasn’t the only 2D fighter.

Jacob Buchalter – Skull Kid

One of Nintendo’s best-designed characters, and an all-time fan favorite, Skull Kid would be an amazing addition to Smash Bros. Ultimate. Because he’s an all-powerful entity of mischief, his moveset could be truly unique. And let’s be real; more Majora’s Mask representation is never a bad thing. Skull kid could turn into just the mask in order to hide or avoid attacks, and could additionally utilize fairies Tael and Tatl as moves. The character has such a wide range of moves to pick from, it’s a veritable playground for Sakurai. Furthermore, we all know what the Final Smash would be. Three days are up and it’s time for the moon to land. 

Tarah Bleier – Linkle

Linkle first made her debut back in Hyrule Warriors, and fans went nuts for what appeared to be a female Link. She fights well with those killer crossbows of hers and is pretty fast on her feet. While there are many Zelda characters already in Smash Bros., a spot for Linkle is absolutely there. Because she’s a version of Link, her addition to the roster would fit with that of Toon Link, Shiek, and other Legend of Zelda characters. I know it’s a long shot, but Linkle as DLC would be a welcomed addition. 

David Giltinan – Crash Bandicoot

If Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is including video game mascots Mario, Sonic, and Pac-Man, then how can it leave out Crash Bandicoot? This wild and crazy marsupial defined the PlayStation era for many gamers. It was also the first big breakout game for acclaimed studio Naughty Dog. Now that fresh eyes are on the franchise after the release of N. Sane Trilogy, this is a great time to bring Crash back. 

Crash’s main attacks would revolve around spinning, splashing, and shooting his Wumpa Fruit bazooka. He could also throw TNT crates and use his yo-yo to hook enemies for a followup spin attack. As for his Final Smash? Have the Crash Bandicoot mascot show up and blast everyone to one side with a megaphone. Nintendo would have to reference those tongue-in-cheek commercials somehow, right?

Andrew G – Banjo & Kazooie

Rare’s iconic bear has yet to be included in a Super Smash Bros. game, and that’s a shame. He would be a perfect fit with his melee abilities. Not only would Banjo be able to punch enemies with his massive paws, the backpack that houses Kazooie can also be swung around for extra damage. Let’s not forget that his trusted sidekick can be used for aerial attacks, as well as a way to avoid falling off the map. Banjo’s Up + B move would cause Kazooie to lift Banjo in the air. Other moves would include Kazooie charging other characters with her beak, Banjo slamming the ground with his butt, and their Final Smash could be Banjo using Kazooie as a machine gun and shooting eggs at a rapid pace until enemies fall off the map.

Stay tuned for part two, where more of the Nintendo Enthusiast staff discusses prospective Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC characters.

Aric Sweeny
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