Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC – 5 more potential characters

phoenix wright

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is finally out and DLC characters are already getting unveiled. With this comes the vast potential for wacky new fighters, especially following Joker from Persona 5’s reveal at The Game Awards. With writers at Nintendo Enthusiast desiring such a variety of characters, we’ve gone ahead and compiled a short list of Smash Bros. hopefuls. Here’s the second batch of characters.

Disclaimer: There are no real criteria for a fighter being on the list. A writer may see great potential with regard to their design, moveset, stage, or any combination of the three. With that said, some may be realistic choices, while some may be pie in the sky picks.

Nick Pearson – Phoenix Wright

I have no objection to Capcom’s lawyer extraordinaire joining the fray. As a character who primarily spends his time in courtroom battles rather than physical ones, he could be a challenge to incorporate. There is also, however, a very high creative ceiling with a character like Phoenix Wright. Yelling “HOLD IT!” and jabbing his weaponized pointer finger into someone’s eye could be a smash attack in itself, random pieces of evidence could be procured and used as projectiles, and for a final smash, Wright can shout “OBJECTION!” to put an enemy on the stand. It could work sort of like Captain Falcon’s final smash, except instead of crushing enemies with a zero-gravity racecar, Phoenix Wright could hit ‘em with some incriminating evidence.

Andrew G – Krystal

The Super Smash Bros. franchise is no stranger to Star Fox. Since its inception, the series has seen Fox, Falco, and Wolf enter the arena. With DLC, it’s time that the underappreciated Krystal gets her time to shine. Similar to the other characters from Star Fox, Krystal would primarily be a melee character, using her staff for some devastating combinations. If Nintendo chose to do so, they could give her a blaster, since she is a soldier in Star Fox Assault, but to avoid repetition, Krystal should be a more defensive character with powerful counterattacks that will keep all players on their toes.

David Giltinan – Bonk

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is all about having the most iconic video game characters duke it out together. If we’re including beloved icons from the Genesis (Sonic) and PlayStation (Solid Snake), then why not TurboGrafx?

That’s right, I’m talking about Bonk. What Smash needs is a caveman (child?) with a noggin that can’t be beaten. He was the mascot for the TurboGrafx-16 and is still considered a beloved retro character to this day. Bonk would feature a fair amount of simple moves that revolve around his oversized head. Not only that, his Final Smash could be a transformation super move where he turns into Air Zonk. Just throw on some shades and watch him shoot and bomb everyone on sight!

Jacob Buchalter – Geno

Let’s talk about the wooden elephant in the room, Geno. Owned by Square Enix, he’s one of the main characters in Super Mario RPG. Geno’s one of the most requested additions to the Smash series, and even Sakurai himself has expressed interest in adding the character. But the assumption is that Geno isn’t well known enough to add, or that Square Enix is holding him “hostage,” per se. Regardless, if the stars align and Geno makes it in as a DLC character in Ultimate, there’s incredible variety in his potential moveset. The Geno Beam, Boost, Blast, and Flash could all be unique specials. Plus, if Sakurai’s on top of it, Geno doing a perfectly timed Whirl for 9,999 damage in his Final Smash would make fans go nuts.

Aric Sweeny – Scrooge McDuck

Scrooge McDuck is the perfect Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC character. He’s got a rich history, a great list of moves to pull from, and a legacy on Nintendo hardware. Ducktales was a gem on the Nintendo Entertainment System, as was Ducktales Remastered on the Wii U. With Scrooge such an iconic retro gaming iconic, this Smash Bros. addition would please both the dedicated fans and the casual crowd.

Scrooge could utilize his cane as both a jump and standard attack, with additional potential for the cane to also work as his grab attack. Spitting coins from a distance could work well, too, and is synonymous with the character of Scrooge McDuck. 

There’s just too much potential here. Scrooge is both an iconic figure in gaming, as well as a formidable Smash Bros. foe.

Aric Sweeny
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