Smash Bros 3DS Update 1.0.5. is Live; Size and Features Revealed – Sharing Enabled

With the New 3DS launching on February 13th in North America, a new update for Smash Bros 3DS has become available and is currently live. Coming in at 1,010 blocks, the update is a bit beefy. So what all does it add?

Smash Bros update is 1,010 blocks.

— RCMADIAX (@rcmadiax) February 10, 2015

The main thing is, of course, amiibo support. Amiibo can be used on the system now much like the Wii U version, but of course you must have a New 3DS in order to use this feature. Luckily, there is also a very cool feature for those playing on their current 3DS: \”Share Mode\”

Share Mode gives users the ability to showcase photos and replays to a dedicated \”Mii Fighter\” server to view with everyone. Share Mode also has some Street Pass integration as well, which is an excellent added feature. Be sure to download the latest update now and check out the new features!

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