Smart guy: Neil Patrick Harris battles his family in Big Brain Academy ad

Neil Patrick Harris Big Brain Academy

Enthusiasts, I’m having an issue lately. I cannot stop writing about celebrities and Nintendo. I thought I was done after yesterday, but Nintendo of America has pulled me back in. There is now a commercial for Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain featuring Neil Patrick Harris and his family. It’s short and fun. And, once again, we have another famous person with an advance copy of a title that launches next month.

Neil becomes a master at Big Brain Academy quite quickly

Peep the advertisement below:

Neil starts off pretty confident in his ability to school his children and husband. However, they all kick his butt. He just had to be a big shot and pick Advanced Class as his difficulty level.

Rather than bump his class down to their level, though, Neil remembers he’s Doogie Howser, M.D. He practices night and day as his partner looks on, gearing himself up for attack mode. In the end, Neil obliterates his family in Brain Age and celebrates with an awkward dance.

Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain will launch on Switch on December 3. You can pre-order here for $29.99.

Gamers, did Neil Patrick Harris convince you to buy the latest Big Brain Academy? Let us know below.


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