Slide Stars lets you play as ‘social media stars’ hurtling down water slides


Slide Stars, the latest title from Lion Castle, is a game that lets you play as your “favorite stars” while they try to balance on inflatables. However, the entire time those stars will also be speeding down some intense water slides. The game looks pretty silly but has a decent roster of social media influencers to play as.

Slide the stars

Slide Stars is slated as the “first water racing platform adventure” game. To us it looks like the gameplay of Donkey Kong Country mixed with the Blooper surfing of Super Mario Sunshine. As you’d expect, there are various obstacles that will keep you on your toes for each level, but the real draw appears to be the playable characters, if you’ve actually heard of them. The roster of more than 20 influencers that you can play as includes the following:

  • Alan Stokes – British professional surfer and surf model
  • Alex Stokes – Alan Stokes’ twin brother and influencer
  • AmusementForce Greg – YouTuber who reviews water parks and amusement parks
  • AmusementForce Kes – The other half of AmusementForce along with Greg
  • ApoRed – YouTuber
  • Ben Azelart – YouTuber and skateboarder
  • Brent Riviera – American YouTuber and actor
  • Demi Rose – Instagram influencer
  • Doctor Mike – Instagram influencer
  • Enji Night – Cosplayer
  • Enya Wandres – Instagram influencer and singer
  • Holly H – Social media star
  • Jeff Seid – The youngest IFBB champion in America
  • Kat Wonders – YouTuber
  • Luciano Spinelli – TikTok and social media star
  • Lexi Riviera – Sister to Brent Riviera and Instagram influencer
  • Milan Knol – Parody YouTuber
  • Prof. Dr. Freek Vonk – YouTuber
  • Sveta Bilyalova – Instagram influencer
  • Veronica Bielik – Instagram influencer

Slide Stars is slated for a release this holiday season, and it’s coming to all major platforms, including Nintendo Switch. The game is planned for both a digital and physical release, and the physical edition is being handled by publishers GS2 Games and Mindscape according to region. It will retail for $39.99.

Jamie Sharp
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