Beautiful disaster: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Joy-Con pre-orders already sold out

Skyward Sword Joy-Con

If you watched the last Nintendo Direct, you probably lost your mind over the special edition Skyward Sword Joy-Con. Personally, I am more excited for the Hylian Joy-Con than the HD remaster itself. Though I will admit the game looks way sharper on Switch and the addition of button controls will fix the original’s accuracy issues. One thing I am not happy about, however, is the fact you cannot pre-order the accessory anywhere at the moment. Online retailers are listing the controller as sold out, months before it actually releases.

I bet scalpers are keeping gamers from obtaining the Skyward Sword Joy-Con

Try as you might, you can’t pre-order the special peripheral anywhere. GameStop, Best Buy, Target; all three of these chains list the controller as “coming soon” or “sold out.”

While I wish I was optimistic fans ordered most of the stock, I can’t help but feel scalpers are at it again (just a hunch). It’s even worse if no more stock is allocated before the official July 16 release date, as fans attempting to buy these bad boys physically is quite dangerous right now. Hopefully, we will all get another chance to nab this special gaming pad.

Enthusiasts, have you had any luck grabbing the Skyward Sword Joy-Con? Let us know of your plight in the comment field below.

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