Skyward Sword HD sales have already passed the Wii version

Skyward Sword HD sales

Nintendo has been making a killing the last few years by dusting off favorites from past consoles. Most of them have been Wii U gems that just had the misfortune of launching on an unpopular console. But back in July, Nintendo pulled Skyward Sword out of the Wii library and gave it an HD re-release. In addition to the improved graphics, a variety of quality of life upgrades enhanced it over the original, and it proved quite successful. In fact, Skyward Sword HD sales have already passed the last known total of the original.

Skyward Sword HD sales

Skyward Sword HD had a strong debut, topping the sales charts in both Japan and the US at launch. According to Nintendo’s latest investor report, it went on to sell 3.6 million copies by September 30. The Wii original sold 3.52 million as of Nintendo’s last sales update in April of 2012. It may have picked up a few more sales after that, but Nintendo never updated that figure again. And with Wii aging and Wii U on the horizon, Skyward Sword was just about tapped out.

Skyward Sword HD‘s strong sales numbers are even more impressive given just how fast it reached 3.6 million. It reached that mark in just two and a half months. With the holiday season around the corner, it could cruise right past the 4 million mark and beyond. Especially if Nintendo takes their sweet time on Breath of the Wild 2.


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