Sky: Children of the Light from Journey dev delayed to 2021 on Switch

Sky: Children of the Light delay 2021 Nintendo Switch delayed by thatgamecompany Journey developer

It’s become a common refrain that any 2020 game that you’re looking forward to is becoming a 2021 game that you’re looking forward to. Along those lines, developer thatgamecompany has delayed Sky: Children of the Light to 2021 on Nintendo Switch, citing the incredible challenge of being a “small indie studio working remotely” amid COVID-19. The Journey developer explained on its website though that the game is in the “final stretch” of its development on Switch, and the team has decided to hire more staff to help finish the game.

Thatgamecompany has apologized for the delay, though it doesn’t really seem necessary. This is just the new normal.

Sky: Children of the Light launched on iOS last year and on Android earlier this year. It is a “social adventure” about exploring seven realms with other players, solving mysteries and forging friendships along the way. It earned a pretty strong critical reception on mobile devices, so hopefully it’s just as fun or more so on Switch in 2021.

Incidentally, Sky: Children of the Light will be the first title from the developer to come to a Nintendo platform, as previous releases like Journey stayed mostly on Sony platforms and PC. Hopefully there are more games where that came from in the developer’s future.


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