Skellboy brings the skeletal pain on Nintendo Switch in January 2020

Skellboy release date January 2020 Umaiki Games

Death is metal. Skeletons are what’s leftover of a dead person, which makes skeletons extra metal. Skeletons will always be cool for this reason. Yet skeletons can also be cute. As such, there are few things as versatile as skeletons, which lends an added power to Umaiki Games’ Skellboy, releasing on the Nintendo Switch eShop on Jan. 30, 2020. It is $17.99 if you pre-purchase it starting Jan. 20 and $19.99 after launch.

Skellboy has pixelated characters roaming around 3D environments for Zelda-esque action RPG combat. You can swap out body parts for different special abilities and equip different weapons to bring the pain. Your character has the extremely heroic name of Skippy, and he was accidentally revived from his eternal slumber when a jerk evil court magician decided to resurrect a bunch of evil spirits. Fortunately, Skippy was a “legendary hero” in his day, and he takes it upon himself to restore balance.

Skellboy was recently delayed from what was originally intended to be a release earlier this month, with the catalyst being vague “unforeseen circumstances,” according to Umaiki Games. But the important thing is that the final product is good, and hopefully this delay is allowing that.

Are you intrigued to try out Skellboy and experience its unique art style?


John Friscia
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