Skater XL shows off cool tricks during Switch gameplay reveal

Skate XL Switch Gameplay

Easy Day Studios has been spending a good amount of time putting together Skater XL, the new entry in the long-dormant skateboarding game genre. It’s garnered a lot of attention since its initial reveal, and Switch players have certainly been interested ever since the developers announced that  it would be coming to the hybrid system. Now, we finally know what it looks like running on Switch as the team revealed a good chunk of gameplay during an interview as part of IGN’s Summer of Gaming 2020 event:

The gameplay comprises of some quick runs through the game’s Downtown map on Switch. At first glance, it looks…interesting, to say the least.

As expected, it’s not as pretty as the PC version, though it’s not terrible. Resolution looks okay, and texture work isn’t half bad. However, you can tell that there has been a pretty obvious downgrade to Skater XL on Switch.

Shadows, lighting, and shading are very simplistic on Switch. There is also some very noticeable pop-in on the trees and some of the buildings.

Skater XL was recently delayed on all platforms but will be coming out in late July. However, that release will involve all platforms except the Switch. There’s currently no release official date for the Switch edition, though it will clearly be after all the other platforms. While unfortunate, here’s hoping that the team will be able to make some optimizations before release with the extra time.

A.K Rahming
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