SkateBIRD release date shifts to September following a delay

SkateBIRD delay delayed release date September 16, 2021 Nintendo Switch Glass Bottom Games Amazon Luna PC Xbox Game Pass

Developer Glass Bottom Games has delayed “avian action sports game” SkateBIRD a month, giving it a new release date of September 16, 2021 on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass, PC, and Amazon Luna. A brief, comical new trailer conveys this news, with a computer displaying the old release date bursting into flames, which seems like as good a way as any to announce something. The reason for the release date delay is to ensure that Glass Bottom Games can release SkateBIRD simultaneously on all its platforms and satisfy the game’s Kickstarter backers. It will retail for $19.99 in all cases.

Additionally, SkateBIRD will receive post-launch support including a Skate Heaven stage and a “Pet the Bird Mode,” and you can expect “five levels full of staplers, cereal bowls, and more micro objects for bird-sized shredders.” Basically, if you really want to do skateboard tricks as a bird in a fun and high-fidelity way, this seems to be the game to meet those extremely specific needs.

And if for some reason you are worried that SkateBIRD will somehow be too hardcore a skateboarding experience for you to handle, Glass Bottom Games released a video last month briefly illustrating how the game will offer accessibility options to simplify the controls.

[Source: PR]

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