Skate City brings a chill skateboarding experience to Switch soon

Skate City Nintendo Switch Agens Snowman trailer release date soon

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2 may be AWOL on Nintendo Switch, but a worthwhile skateboarding replacement might be on the way. Publisher Snowman and Norway-based developer Agens have announced that they are bringing Skate City to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, and Epic Games Store “soon.” (It sounds a little threatening when you phrase it like that.) Skate City originally launched for Apple Arcade in 2019, where it garnered a positive reception among the few outlets that covered it, but the game will have a massively larger audience in the days to come.

When it arrives on Switch, Skate City will allow you to skateboard around dreamy versions of Los Angeles, Oslo, and Barcelona to a lo-fi beat soundtrack. There is a variety of unlockable customization options, and you have your choice of grooving around casually in Endless Skate or playing through each city’s Challenge mode. There are over 100 challenges in total, and there are apparently in-game tools to dramatically record your gameplay. The game will have “Hundreds of trick combinations, including flip tricks, grabs, grinds, spins, and manuals with our easy-to-use controls.”

I don’t play skateboarding games or sports games in general, but I love the visual and audio aesthetic of Agens’ Skate City and hope it will be an excellent addition to the Nintendo Switch library. Let us know if you’d rather have this or Tony Hawk (or both).


John Friscia
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