“Let’s fight, like gentlemen”: Vicious Sirfetch’d gameplay surfaces

Sirfetch'd gameplay

The internet has lost its mind over Pokémon Sword‘s Sirfetch’d. We haven’t seen a being this dapper since Street Fighter III‘s Dudley. Of course, fans are hungry for more info on the killer bird ahead of Pokémon Sword‘s release on November 15, 2019. Thankfully, some fresh Sirfetch’d gameplay came out today.

Not much new Sirfetch’d gameplay, but I’ll take it

Follow your eyes below to get a peek at Sirfetch’d laying into fools:

The never before seen footage appears around eight seconds into the video. Sirfetch’d jousts into some Pokémon with samurai rose petals flowing in the background. It’s safe to assume these cuddly creatures are now dead.

Other than that, the clip shows Sirfetch’d being smug, impaling a doggo, and attacking its own trainer. They seem like a handful, but they’re probably quite loyal once they have been tamed. I hope so because I don’t want my character stabbed with a vegetable.

Enthusiasts who have likely drawn fan art of Sirfetch’d, how did you like the short gameplay clip? Is Pokémon Shield the inferior version because it doesn’t have this knightly evolution? At least it has spooky Gym Leader Allister. Let us know what you think in the comment field below.



Arthur Damian
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