Silver Falls is a new horror game keeping the 3DS undead this month

Silver Falls Sungrand Studios New Nintendo 3DS

Every town has secrets, and Silver Falls is no exception. From Sungrand Studios, the upcoming series of Silver Falls games looks to bring “classic survival horror” to New Nintendo 3DS. Contributing to the dormant console’s library all the way through next year, the Australian studio is aiming to extract as much from the 3DS hardware as possible.

Silver Falls is set to maximize the hardware potential of the New Nintendo 3DS

The official story synopsis is below:

Strange lights have been appearing in the night sky above Silver Falls. When three mysterious objects fall from the sky, this secluded, sleepy town becomes frozen in a moment in time. Strange radiation has turned local wildlife bloodthirsty. Only 3 people in Silver Falls seem to be unaffected. Holt, a composer mourning the death of his grandfather with a fishing trip, Analise, an organizer for the annual Moose Steak Festival, and Moss, the local sheriff investigating reports of strange lights in the sky, must work together to figure out exactly what is going wrong in their town. Why are they being attacked by wildlife? Why has time seem to have stopped? Using their wits and resources scavenged around Silver Falls, these three survivors must discover the mystery behind the three objects and return their town to normal.

There’s a lot more exciting information on the game’s website, including information on how progress will be carried to the other two games and a soundtrack sampler. You can watch the trailer for the first entry, Silver Falls – 3 Down Stars below.

Silver Falls – 3 Down Stars will release exclusively on New Nintendo 3DS Dec. 26. This release will be followed by Undertakers in Q1 2020 and Deadly Shadows in Q3 of 2020.


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