Siegecraft Commander is catapulting its way onto Nintendo Switch this month

siegecraft commander

Later this month Blowfish Studios will release the Nintendo Switch version of its action-strategy game Siegecraft Commander. The game involves players building various types of fortresses, catapults, and other medieval-type structures to defeat enemies.  When it comes to its single-player mode, the game offers two different types of campaigns; one focused on the offensive side of the battle, the other on the defensive side. Both contain real-time strategy and each campaign has eight levels.

Up to four players can play multiplayer at once; this includes cross-platform play as well and what is interesting about the game is the type of ammo you can catapult at your opponent(s) which includes cows.

Siegecraft Commander was released on Steam in 2017 and the multiplayer also allowed players to decide how they wanted to battle, giving them the option to choose between real-time strategy or turn-based strategy. The strategy options will be in the Switch version.

Though the trailer (shown above) says the game is available now, it is likely referring to the PC version; Nintendo’s website shows its release date on Switch is September 19 for $19.99. What is the craziest and weirdest type of ammo you have used in a game? Comment below?

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