Shutterbug: Crafty individual creates custom Pokémon Snap controller

custom Pokémon Snap controller

New Pokémon Snap. What’s better than being in a vehicle, snapping photos of rare critters? Why, doing it in real life, of course! Well, kind of. That’s exactly what BigRig Creates has done with the custom Pokémon Snap controller. In fact, they went into the creation of this wonderful contraption in great detail with a video.

I’d like a Pokémon Snap controller of my very own

Feast your eyes on the power of inventing below:

I agree, New Pokémon Snap would have worked well with the Wii U or Labo.

After some technical know-how, including some expertise in 3D printing, BigRig Creates created a physical camera with Joy-Con functionality. Unfortunately, it doesn’t move as well as they hoped within the game. Nonetheless, they managed to get some decent shots with the thing. Not bad!

The clip ends with BigRig Creates imploring others to improve upon their design. Hopefully, someone can manifest the perfect camera add-on for Snap. Also, I hope BigRig Creates is serious about playing Dark Souls with that thing. I’d watch that in a heartbeat.

Enthusiasts, do you think the custom Pokémon Snap controller is nifty? Leave a thought in the comment section below and tell us how you feel.

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