Shun Nakamura Wants A ‘Samba de Amigo’ Game On Nintendo Switch

In an interview with Eurogamer, Sonic Team Producer and Game Designer Shun Nakamura expressed interest in bringing a Samba de Amigo game to Nintendo’s hybrid system.

“Shun Nakamura: I really want to make Samba de Amigo on the Switch.

Eurogamer: It’d be amazing. I wouldn’t have to pay quite as much money as I did for the Dreamcast version back in the day, too.

Shun Nakamura: I really, really want to make it! This is coming from someone who had to make physical items you had to buy and plug into your console in order to play Samba de Amigo at home. When the Wii came out, there was only one Wii Remote, and you had to buy another one. You could still do it, but it’s a bit of a hurdle to get over. The first time I saw the Switch, I thought oh my god – this is it! You don’t have to buy another peripheral, you don’t need to buy another controller. I’m really, really interested in that.”

Would you be interested in a new Samba de Amigo title for Switch? Comment below.


Aric Sweeny
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