Shun Nakamura On Bringing ‘Sonic Forces’ To Nintendo Switch

Sega double pack Sonic Forces + Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD Double Pack art, release date leak

Sonic Team Producer and Game Designer Shun Nakamura recently spoke to Eurogamer, and the interview touched on bringing Sonic Forces to Nintendo Switch.

When we were doing concepts for the game, we really wanted to make it multiplatform. Regardless of what hardware you have, how you’re playing the game – the base idea is for that experience to be the same on the machine. And this was back before anyone knew what the Nintendo Switch would be. Even when we were drawing the lines of having Xbox One, PS4, we were going to have Nintendo’s new hardware – even though we didn’t know anything about it, we got the budget and schedule sorted before we even knew what existed. It was a bit of a panic when we first got the Switch – it was a little bit different to what we were expecting, so it was a case of seeing how we could make that work. There were some challenges – but because we have our own engine, we were able to customise it very quickly in a way that could work for the Switch, and in a way that it could really be the same experience on the Switch without it having to feel or look different.”

Following this quote, he confirmed that Sonic Forces is 30 FPS on Switch and 60 FPS on the other consoles.

Sonic Forces launches on November 7.


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