Shovel Knight Showdown: We’re soarin’, flyin’ with Propeller Knight

Life has many constants. The sky is blue, water is wet, and Yacht Club Games has yet another character spotlight trailer for Shovel Knight Showdown. As we inch ever closer to the Dec. 10 release date of the multiplayer side-scrolling brawler, it seems as though the cast of characters might be truly endless. We’ve seen Tinker Knight with his gadgets and gizmos, Mole Knight with his fire abilities and hefty armor, and even King Knight with his combat rolls and bomb-rats. The latest Shovel Knight Showdown trailer highlights Propeller Knight, and there’s not a star in heaven that he can’t reach. Or slice.

Propeller Knight boasts plenty of useful tricks and tools to give himself the upper edge in Shovel Knight Showdown. His double jump provides a quick way to navigate out of rough conflict. He can even use his head-mounted propellers to glide across the screen once he’s airborne. He’s also got a Corkscrew Kick he can perform in mid-air to deal some nasty damage.

Don’t sleep on his saber, though. He can guard, parry, strike, and even lunge with the gold-coated blade. Finally, Propeller Knight can use his namesake to blast a gust of wind at enemies that send them flying in either direction and toward their certain doom.

Shovel Knight Showdown is set to include over 16 playable combatants to duke it out across various iconic stages from the original game. Up to four players can fight together in competitive free-for-alls or team battles, as well as more unique modes like Gem Clash and Showdown. Fight for your honor in one-on-one duels, or dive into Story Mode to experience unique multistage journeys for each of the playable characters in the game.

Shovel Knight Showdown will launch as a free update to Shovel Knight and a standalone release this December. It will come to basically all platforms, including Nintendo Switch and 3DS.


Miguel Moran
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