Shovel Knight Showdown: Tinker, Tailor, Shovel, Spy with Tinker Knight

Tinker Knight Shovel Knight Showdown

Like an Advent Calendar full of dirt and shovels, Yacht Club Games continues to deliver almost daily spotlights on the entire colorful cast of their upcoming multiplayer brawler, Shovel Knight Showdown. The game launches on Dec. 10 alongside the final full-length single-player campaign expansion for Shovel Knight titled King of Cards. So far we’ve seen the hat-obsessed antics of Mr. Hat, the potion-slinging powers of Mona, the whip-cracking stylings of Super Best Friends brainchild Baz, and even the toasty shenanigans of Mole Knight. Now, we get to take a look at the mechanical machinations of Tinker Knight.

With his iconic wrench and welding mask, Tinker Knight is ready to bring all sorts of gadget-based mayhem into battle. He can fling his handy wrench at enemies with the Wrench Toss attack, which sends the tool spiraling across the arena and back into his hands like a boomerang. Tinker Knight can also utilize the Definitely Intentional Trip ability to slam into his opponents and, hopefully, hurt their health bar more than he hurts his pride. Wrench Rain sends a bevy of wrenches flying into the air to crash into any unfortunate souls who get in their path, while the Mobile Gear Wheel gives Tinker Knight a useful mode of alternate transportation that can get him out of sticky situations or bounce him off of enemies to slow them down. Finally, his Mobile Gear can take flight in an alternate jet-boosted mode that offers yet another way to navigate the arena.

Shovel Knight Showdown is set to include over 16 playable combatants to duke it out across various iconic stages from the original game. Up to four players can fight together in competitive free-for-alls or team battles, as well as more unique modes like Gem Clash and Showdown. Fight for your honor in one-on-one duels as or dive into Story Mode to experience unique multistage journeys for each of the playable characters in the game.

Shovel Knight Showdown is set to launch as a free update to Shovel Knight and a standalone release this December. It will be coming to basically all platforms, including Nintendo Switch and 3DS.


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