Shovel Knight Showdown: first look at Mona’s potion madness

Shovel Knight Showdown Mona

Shovel Knight Showdown, the free competitive multiplayer update to Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove, is only two weeks away. Yacht Club Games has been slowly amping up hype for the impending release with a slow trickle of trailers showing off several different fighters and their movesets. So far, Mole Knight, Baz, and Reize have each had their moment in the spotlight. Now, the newest character trailer focuses on Mona and her alchemical prowess. Check it out for yourself below.

Mona’s Shovel Knight Showdown moveset starts off with the Cipher Slash, a simple and short-range blade of magic good for knocking down projectiles and knocking around adversaries. Mona can also use the Burst Bomb, a standard proximity bomb sort of move in which a dropped explosive sits in wait of an unsuspecting wanderer.

True to her alchemist title, Mona has several potion-based moves. First off is Conjure Potion, which drops three harmful potions from the air directly in front of Mona–you won’t want to be caught sitting still around her. Conjure Cluster Potion, meanwhile, drops only one potion, but it packs a lot more punch and makes for a much bigger boom. Rounding out one of the most interesting characters in Shovel Knight Showdown is Conjure Hazardous Potion, which yields a pink bottle that Mona can knock around the stage for a giant portable explosion that traps enemies in place for its duration.

Mona’s moveset is certainly one of the most intriguing we’ve yet seen in Shovel Knight Showdown. Skilled Mona players will litter the screen with well-placed bombs and raining potions, creating a nearly unavoidable quagmire.

Nick Pearson
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