Shovel Knight Showdown: Hang your hat on Mr. Hat

Shovel Knight Showdown

The long, long countdown to Shovel Knight Showdown is nearly done with. Its December 10 release date, which it shares with yet another single-player expansion for the base game in Shovel Knight: King of Cards, is going to be here before we know it. Yach Club Games has been keeping their forthcoming update in our heads with a slow burn of character trailers showing off the many available fighters. We have already seen Mona’s alchemical antics, Mole Knight’s presence in the underground scene, Baz’s spot-on execution, and Reize’s ballistic booming boomerangs. Now, we meet Mr. Hat. Check out his moves below.

Mr. Hat is all about projectiles, further diversifying the movesets we’ve seen in Shovel Knight Showdown. The Teacup Toss lobs some fine dishware at your opponent with a high arch that drops in from above rather than a direct shot. The Flying Saucer, meanwhile, provides that satisfying direct shot by tossing a slow-moving dish straight ahead. With the Cane Hop, Mr. Hat can bounce off of enemies and other objects–try combining this with the Flying Saucer to zip around the stage and give your enemies a solid bonk. Mr. Hat can also spice things up by changing hats and donning a traditional knight helmet, which also comes with a sword and its own accompanying move, Strong Slash (exactly what it sounds like) and Javelin Lob (also exactly what it sounds like).

So far, Shovel Knight Showdown looks like another fantastic addition to Yacht Club’s catalog. We’ll all know for sure soon enough.

Nick Pearson
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