Shovel Knight Showdown welcomes its newest fighter, Baz

Shovel Knight Showdown Baz

Ahead of its December release date, Yacht Club Games is showing off the roster in Shovel Knight Showdown with short videos showing off playable characters and their deliciously pixelated, brutally punishing movesets. Last week, we saw Reize in action, and today, we get to check out Baz in all of his whippy glory.

“It’s time for a real fighter to step into the ring! Enough of these dorks and their goofy knight titles. The main event is here!”

Filling the executioner-shaped hole that previously marred Shovel Knight Showdown‘s roster, Baz is a big bruiser of a character with blacked-out eyes, a trusty whip, and a layer of intimidating, dark armor. As we see in the video above, his moves include Whip Lash, which is a standard forward whipping attack, the jump-extending Mighty Swing, and the protective Electrify, which fills Baz’s immediate surroundings with painful electric sparks. Finally, Baz can drive helpless, foolish challengers into the depths of Hell with his pulverizing Elbow Drop.

Shovel Knight Showdown launches December 10 as a free update to Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. In a display of just how long Yacht Club Games has been at it with the incredible run of add-on content to the original Shovel Knight, the update will be releasing on the long-forsaken Wii U in addition to the Switch.

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